Switching to eSURRANTY has never been easier.

Now you can receive $20 from us to switch from your carrier insurance, Apple Care+, Geek Squad, or any other after market extended warranty or insurance provider. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. Purchase a yearly prepaid policy from eSURRANTY.com for your mobile device that has existing coverage with another insurance or extended warranty provider.
  2. Cancel your current insurance or extended warranty coverage with your current provider.
  3. Upload or email us a copy of your cancellation notice from your current insurance or extended warranty provider.
  4. Receive a $20.00 credit in your account. It's that simple!


Not sure how to cancel your Carrier or Geek Squad insurance? Click Here for easy instructions!


Terms & Condtions of promotion:
Customer must purchase a yearly prepaid policy from eSURRANTY.com. Customer must have had previous insurance or extended warranty coverage with a different provider for a minimum of 1 day to be eligible for promotion. Promotional credit will be credited to customers eSURRANTY account within 30 calendar days (excluding national holidays) after purchase of a new yearly, prepaid policy. As per all credit promotions, customer may use the credits in their account for deductible payments, renewal payments or new product policy purchases. Account credits over $50 can be disbursed to customer in the form of a Visa or American Express branded eSURRANTY gift card, company check or credit/debit card credit at the customers request. Disbursement of eSURRANTY account credits will be made within 30 days of customers request pending account approval. To be eligible for an eSURRANTY account disbursement of $50 or more, customer must have had continuous coverage for a minimum of 6 months. Monthly payment option customers are not eligible for this promotion. Only one (1) "switch" credit per customer and per policy is allowed.