Samsung Galaxy S22 Insurance

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Coverage Overview

With the Samsung Galaxy S22 models costing well over $800, make sure to protect your device today with the affordable and everlasting coverage offered by esurranty™

  • Save over 50% vs Carrier Insurance
  • More Claims Allowed than Samsung Premium Care
  • Protect any phone on any carrier. New, used or refurbished
  • Covers accidents like drops, spills & breaks
  • Continuous coverage transfers when you upgrade phones
  • Deductibles as low as $25.00 for the most common incidents
  • Loss and Theft coverage is available.
  • Covers any Samsung Galaxy S22 Model.
  • Express Replacement Available*

Warranty Information

What We Cover

  • Mechanical Malfunctions
    Any mechanical issue that is not caused by damage is covered!
  • Accidental Damage
    Cracked screen, broken digitizer, broken LCD, broken camera, broken buttons.
  • Theft & Non-Repairable Damage
    We will replace your device with a NEW one if your device is stolen or damaged beyond repair.
  • Water or Liquid Damage
    Even though the S20 models are water resistant, it is not water proof! Should your device be subjected to liquid and is not working properly, we will repair or replace it with a new one.

Deductibles Per Claim

  • Coverage Limit
    You are covered up to the retail purchase price paid for your device.
  • Device Malfunction
    $25 deductible with no limit on incidents.
  • Accidental Damage
    $199 for the S20 5G. $209 for the S20+ 5G and $299 for the S20 Ultra 5G. There are 3 claims allowed per policy year. (Samsung charges $389 to fix the screen)
  • Theft or Non-Repairable Damage
      Theft: $399.00 for the S20 5G, $429 for the S20+ 5G and $499 for the S20 Ultra 5G. Non-Repairable Damage: $329.00. (All replacements from esurranty™ are new devices. Never refurbished!)
  • Repairable Water Damage
    $99 per incident with 2 claims allowed per policy year.

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