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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose eSURRANTY.com

  • We offer next day loaner smartphones or iPhones should you require that we repair your device or you have a loss/theft claim. Simply put your SIM card in our phone and use it while we repair or replace your phone.
  • All repairs are done with factory parts, not aftermarket cheap parts. i.e., iPhone and Apple devices are repaired at the Apple Store and Samsung devices are repaired by Samsung. 
  • We pay for all next day shipping. (1 day priority shipping may not be available in all areas)
  • Repairs are done within 1 day after we receive your device and are then shipped back to you. Even Apple device repairs done at the Apple store only take 1 day with us!
  • Our coverage starts the same day at 11:59pm not 30 days later like our competitors.(Yearly pre-paid policiies only. Monthly policies start on the 30th day.)
  • Purchase coverage when it's convenient for you. We do not mandate that you purchase coverage within the first 30 days of buying your device. (we do suggest that you purchase coverage as soon as possible to make sure your devcie is covered in the event of an accident)

What is Covered?

100% Parts & Labor. Cracked Screens, LCD's, Buttons, Housings, Internal parts, Loss, Theft & Non-Repairable devices. Full Water/Liquid Immersion, International Travel, Unlocked Phones & Tablets, Refurbished Phones & Tablets, Used Phones & Tablets. If we can't fix your device, we will replace it with a NEW device! Priority shipping to and from us is always free for accidental damage claims!


What are the deductibles when I file a claim?

  • Our deductible system is a tiered system. Unlike carrier insurance that will charge you $199 and above for any issue and then send you a refurbished replacement phone. We charge you based on your claim, not a flat rate. Mechanical malfunction claims that are not caused by any damage will always be free and we only replace devices with New one's! 
  • All deductibles are listed on each policy page at the bottom of the page. They will never go up and we do not charge any administration fee as our competitors do. Our deductibles are listed very clearly and we do not offer gimmicks like "$50 unlimited claims" deductibles and then charge an $150 administration fee. The deductible you see listed on our site is the most you will ever pay. 

What is the maximum number of Cell Phone & Tablet claims allowed?

  • Mechanical Malfunction has no limit on claims.
  • Accidental Damage allows up to 4 claims per policy year**
  • Loss & Theft allows up to 2 claims per policy year.**
To check the allowable number of claims, see the bottom of the policy page for your device.

Can I cancel?

Yes, With eSURRANTY you can Cancel Anytime with no questions asked. If you cancel within 30 days you will receive a FULL refund minus any claims and/or shipping/processing fees. After 30 days we will refund you on a pro-rated basis excluding any claims and/or shipping fees.***


Once coverage is purchased, how long will it take to receive the actual eSURRANTY Coverage Plan?

You will immediately receive a receipt page to print for your records upon completing the checkout process. Depending on the speed of your e-mail service you will receive a downladable Terms & Conditions document for your records usually within a few minutes. Standard coverage starts at 11:59pm EDT on the day of the policy purchase.


How Do I get coverage for more than one device?

For more than one device you would enter the first devices information on the policy page then add it to your cart. Once you are in the "Cart" area, click on the policy page link that you wish to get the second device covered with and do the same. You can repeat this step for as many devices that you wish to get coverage for. If you have any trouble, please click on our Live Chat for assistance.


Can MY device be Covered?

We cover all Smartphone's, iPhone's, iPads Tablet's, digital cameras, camcorders, video gaming systems & Laptop Computers. For smartphones like the iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, Blackberry Devices, Kindle Devices and Windows Devices, coverage is available no matter when you have purchased your device. We do not require that you purchase coverage within the first 30 days of receiveing your device. Coverage starts at 11:59pm EDT the day you purchase your yearly prepaid policy*****. If your device is over 1 year old or you choose our monthly payment option, coverage starts 30 days after you purchase your policy.


What Countries do we offer our policies in?

Although you are covered worldwide with a policy from eSURRANTY, we only sell policies in the United States & Canada. If you are a resident of Canada, we only sell policies for Apple devices and Samsung Phones. If you are not sure if we cover your device, log in to our "Live Chat" and ask us.


Is my device covered when I travel to another country?

Yes, your device is covered Worldwide! However, for loss and theft coverage outside of the USA or Canada, you must purchase a separate "Travel Rider" from us at least 7 days prior to your trip. The "Travel Rider" is in addition to your policy and is only required should you wish to have loss or theft coverage when traveling outside of the USA or Canada. For specific details, you may contact us through Live Chat. 


What is NOT covered?

Fraud, Pre-existing Damage, Misuse or Abuse. Loss or Theft claims made within the first 30 days of your policy purchase or within the final 14 days of your policy period. Unauthorized or previous repairs/modification to your device before your policy start date may not be covered. Any claim made within the first 30 days of a monthly payment option plan. 


Should you have any questions that were not addressed here, click on our Live Chat button to speak to a live representative or  e-mail us through our "Contact Us" page.

*Deductible may be higher depending on the value of the device. **Some devices have less claims allowed for loss and theft. Check the policy page under the "Policy Replacement Values & Deductibles" for more information. *** There is a cancellation fee of $199 for monthly plan customers if they cancel their policy after 10 days from the date of purchase. Yearly Pre-paid customers may cancel at anytime with no cancellation fee. ****Same day repair may not be available in all states and a certified repair centers may take longer to repair a device if parts must be special ordered. Apple store repairs may need to be reimbursed by eSURRANTY.com to the policy holder if the Apple Store will not accept our payment directly. Same Day Repair service is available 30 days after policy purchase.*****Loss/Theft/Non-repairable damage starts 30 calendar days after policy purchase.