Coupon Code discounts are for new policy orders only and can not be back dated to discount a previously purchased device policy. Existing customers who have previously purchased a policy before a coupon code was offered can not cancel their existing policy to re-order using a coupon code for a discount. Existing customers may purchase a new policy for a different device other than any they have covered with and/or it's affiliated web sites. Customers that use a specific coupon code can not receive credit for a different coupon code that offers a larger discount. Coupon Code discounts are not available for single device monthly payment plans, renewals or deductible payments. If you have purchased a new policy and did not use a coupon code that was available, we can not credit your account or refund the amount you would have saved. If a customer cancels their account and then attempts to repurchase a policy using a coupon code, that policy will be cancelled and the customer will not be able to purchase coverage for 1 year. 

New Policies purchased using a coupon code are not eligible for our 30 day full refund policy. Policies purchased using a coupon code may be canceled after 30 days for a refund of the un-earned premium minus the cost of accepting electronic payments. This cost will be the greater of $9.00 or 3.5% of the total transaction amount. If you have purchased monthly coverage for more than one device and used a coupon code to discount your initial down payment, your policy can not be canceled for a refund of your down payment. As per policy terms and conditions, down payments for monthly term agreements are non-refundable.