Claims Handling

You can file a claim online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with eSURRANTY.

Filing a claim is easy with eSURRANTY through our simple step-by-step online process. Just follow these initial steps and we’ll help you do the rest.



*Apple store's do not accept third party payments from any insurance or warranty company therefore repairs are reimbursed by us to the customer minus any deductible. 

** There are instances of high claim submissions that will cause us to be out of stock of loaner devices and delivery may be delayed. All loaner devices require a refundable security deposit of $99.00 while in use.

*** Loss/Theft/non-repairable device replacement times are dependent on the customer fulfilling their obligation of deductible, form completion, requested document submission, claim verification and wholesale distribution center delivery times.