Practicing Patience in a World of Instant Gratification

Posted by Managing Agent on 26th Mar 2018

This entry is in response to the hundreds of customers per week that send hundreds of the same email asking the same questions or sending tickets to the wrong departments and then getting angry because that department referes them to the proper department. Then they leave a negative review when it comes down to simple patience, common sense and reading. 

Over the last 8 years online, we have developed a great FAQ page that answers most questions for customers and potential customers. Our claims handling page also answers 99% of questions as well. Unfortunately in today's society people do not read anymore. They want instant gratification and for everyone to do things for them. It's very awkward to me because I see how customers send in tickets asking questions that are answered on our site. Our live chat reps paste the answers on the ticket and the person reads it. If they would have just used some common sense and read the FAQ page first, they would have saved all that time. I see where customers get angry because they did not read their policy and understand that there is a deductible when there is a claim. Which this really bothers me because I am sure they have car insurance or some other insurance and there are deductibles for claims with those company's so why would there not be a deductible with us? I mean it's not like it isn't written in 18pt font on our site or in the declarations of coverage that is available for download as soon as you buy the policy. Then I see how people say they didn't download the declaration or policy... It all comes down to people thinking they are the center of the universe and that they are more important than anyone or anything else. I recently recall a customer telling a chat rep that a claims agent should let them know when they are not going to be in the office. Now, you may think this is true, but what you do not know is that the rep told the customer that the claims rep's brother passed away the day before and he was attending to his family and this is why he was not in the office and answering the emails and calls. The person then went on to state how there should be someone else to pick up the slack in case this should happen again. I can tell you that this attitude is not uncommon. The majority of our customers are abusive and rude when it comes to their claims. My simple response to them is that if your phone was so important, then you shouldn't have dropped it! That really pisses them off and they then get even more rude and some even threaten me. I find that very amusing given my size and professional background... Then again, everyone is a tough guy online! Now, you may think this blog post isn't too professional, and I will agree. It isn't meant to be professional, it is meant to open people's eyes up to what they are becoming and what our society has become. Everyone thinks they are special and social media, the internet and even the media has pushed this thought. No one every realizes that they are just average or normal and they should act that way. There has to be normal and average people so that the real special people are actually special. If not, then we are all just going to be average because if everyone is special, then everyone is just average! Stay in your lane, know your place and have a great day!