New Design, New prices!

Here at we redesigned our site this week to help our new customers find what they are looking for easier and our existing customers check on policies and claims easier. Over the next month we will be implementing a trade in page where customers can trade their existing devices in for a new device at a discounted price. This is something we have been working on over the last 6 months and are finally ready to launch the program. Along with our trade in service, we will offer repair services for customers that do not have insurance or warranty on their devices. We will offer these repair services at 30% retail cost. We will also offer loaner phones to the customers that use the repair service so they do not have to be without their device. Here at we strive for customer satisfaction. If you have not been completely satisfied with our service, send us an email and let us know how you think we can improve our service. Thank you all who have become customers and thank you for considering us for those who have not yet enjoyed our benefits. Remember, we offer loss, theft, water/liquid, accidental damage as well as mechanical malfunctions coverage for your mobile device no matter where you bought it, how hold it is or what carrier it is one. When other insurance and warranty providers say "No", we say YES! --- Oh, and you can earn $20.00 just for switching to us from another insurance or warranty provider.