Another GREAT Year at

Posted by Angelo Maimone - Managing Agent On 21st Dec 2014 In referral, coupon code, discounts, trade in, repairs

As I will be on vacation from this Tuesday until the New year, I wanted to take the time to thank all of our customers for another great year here at We have gone through some growing pains with our inclusion of same day repairs as well as our loaner program but I feel that we have worked out most of the issues. This year marks the first year that we have been able to connect directly with our customers and offer them the opportunity to make money by having coverage for their mobile device. All customers that leave us a review whether it is good or bad, receive a $10.00 credit in their account with us. If a customer switches from their carrier insurance or another extended warranty company, we will credit them $20.00 in their account with us. If our customers want to refer us to their friends, family, co-workers or any one, we will give them a coupon code that will save their referred customers between 10-15% and for every customer that signs up using that coupon code, our customer receives another $10.00 credit in their account with us. There is no limit on the amount a customer can accumulate in their account Once the credit reach $50.00 the customer can request that we either sent them a company check, transfer the funds directly to their bank account or they can use it to renew their policy, pay for a deductible or repair. To date we have several customers with over $1800 in their account and many withdraw over $500 per month simply form their referral credits. In the coming months we will be implementing a repair option for visitors to that do not have coverage with us and have a broken or malfunctioning device. We are implementing this service to cut down on the fraudulent orders and claims since we do not cover pre-existing damage and we have seen a rise this year in people that will purchase a policy from us and make a claim the same day not realizing that we can tell from the device if it was damaged prior to coverage. Our repair service will be less than your local repair center and we will pay for overnight shipping to and from our repair center. Also, we will be offering a trade in option so that customers can trade in their existing phones for a new one. Again, our prices will be lower than most as we can use our wholesale buying power to offer lower prices than retail. Visit us often at in the coming months to see when these services will be in full swing. 

Thank you all again for choosing, we know that we could not be here if it was not for the support of our existing customers and if this is your first visit to and you are considering us for your mobile device protection needs, we hope to earn your business.